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Telephone # (587) 894-2658



6383 Ranchview Drive NW

Calgary, Alberta

T3G 1B5

About Raaziq Appraisals Ltd

Raaziq Appraisals Ltd is a full service property appraisal and consulting firm that has been serving Calgary, Rocky View County, and MD Foothills since 2014.  We are proud to have worked with developers, investors, home builders, lenders and an active participant in the growth of City of Calgary. As a licensed appraisers, we are qualified and trained to prepare the credible appraisal reports that financial institutions required for mortgages.

Here are the list of work Raaziq Appraisals completed:



  • House, Condo, Acreage, Land, New Construction

  • Low to Mid-Rise Multi-Residential Properties



  • Industrial Warehouse, Retail, Office, Development Land, Gas Station, and Hotel

Machinery & Equipment

  • Agricultural and Forestry Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Specialty Plant Equipment, Automotive and Transport Equipment, Medical Equipment, Laboratory and Testing Equipment, Inventory Equipment, Lift Equipment etc.


Other type of work completed

  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages

  • Division of Marital / Common-law  Assets

  • Property Tax Assessment Disputes

  • Retrospective Valuations for Tax Purposes

  • Foreclosure

  • Employee Relocation

Raaziq Appraisals provides local expertise for property valuations and consulting within the City of Calgary, Rocky View County, and, MD Foothills. Our firm acts independently of any brokerage, management and auditing interests to offer a competent, objective and balanced opinion.  Our firm is not affiliated with, nor has any interest in, any real estate company involved with real estate sales, thereby ensuring that our valuations are completely independent and unbiased.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, impartial real estate valuation and consultation services that can be relied upon with confidence by our clientele. Our firm will promote a professional relationship with our clients and strive to continually improve our efficiency through enhancements in communication and technology. We will endeavor to always be the most trusted real estate valuation service in the City of Calgary, Rocky View County, and MD of Foothills.

Contact Us


Telephone # (587) 894-2658

6383 Ranchview Drive NW

Calgary, Alberta, T3G 1B5

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